5 shopping apps that save money while you shop

I cannot think of a person who does not like to get extra benefits while shopping. Nowadays many retailers apply various ideas to retain their customers at their store. They offer sale, Freebies, points cash back etc. There are also a few shopping apps which are very beneficial if you have a habit to save while shop.

Voucher codes:

A human mind is always ready to get free stuff from anywhere or at least discounts and vouchers where they can save their hard-earned money. Money saving apps with vouchers on shopping, eating, travel discounts, and spot local deals are big savers than we actually think. Imagine saving 5% to 10% for each shopping, eating, travel, movies etc. And then finally think how much you saved on a weekend outing. You will be surprised by the answer. You can always download this shopping app to have happy savings.

 Cartwheel by Target:

An essential for anyone who shops at Target, the Cartwheel app features a constantly updated list of the retailer’s latest discounts and deals. Just add the offers to the Cartwheel app, go shopping, and get your phone scanned at the store checkout to pile up the savings.

Shopkick Shopping App

Shopkick shopping app:

Shopkick is a shopping app created for smartphones and tablets. Users are gifted points known as KICKS, eventually, you can exchange these KICKS for mobile gift cards. KICKS can be redeemed at Target, Walmart and Starbucks and also donations to charities such as Feeding America and American Red Cross. Shopkicks latest version is named as Shopkick grocery and it included features like kicks for receipt, shopping lists, and recipes. Shopkick has 04 stars on Apple Store, with reviews for earning extra cash, as well as treasure hunt aspect of the app as it makes all fun in the shopping.

Loyalty Card App
Best Loyalty Cards App in UK

Reward Cards App:

This app will always remind you of the points which you save whenever you shop eat or buy anything. This app is the best when you have multiple retailers reward cards. You just need to scan here and keep a track of your points. These points can be redeemed when you shop for something big or just can set it any offer to get the benefits of points.

 My supermarket App:

Create your own shopping list and tick off when you move around the aisles But this app also keeps the prices of the products in various supermarkets. You can compare the prices of the products.

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