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Reward Cards App Features List:

A tech-savvy generation who needs everything to be quick and simple needs Reward Cards App.

You need to scan all your loyalty cards app in One single digital App which will save your purse clutter. Instead of using multiple brand loyalty apps use Reward Cards App which will save you mobile storage as well.



Our list of features which can be useful to you when you download our app.

  •       Store any loyalty card with Barcode, QR code or only number
  •       Choice of thousands of card providers.
  •       Add your provider if not in a list.
  •       Store original card pictures (front and back) for your reference.
  •       Add notes/comment about a card.
  •       Tag card. Give it your name. For example, Gold, Silver. or 2 cards from the same provider then give some name.
  •       Option to log in using Facebook, Google + or email address.
  •       Automatic cards back up to a server if you are logged in
  •       Automatic synchronization among multiple devices with the same login id.
  •       See card stamp/points from an affiliated provider.
  •       Invite friends to the app
  •       Option to rate the app.

Types of cards which can be scanned in Reward Cards App.

Reward Cards, Store Cards, Loyalty Cards, Club cards, Library Cards, Membership Cards, Stamp Card, Bonus Card, Advantage Card.


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