Library Card app

If you are a bookworm or at least have the enthusiasm to learn new things and love visiting museums and art galleries, then you must get yourself a library card! You heard that right, a library card. Though libraries may seem outdated in today’s time, it remains a haven to many. If you are one of those people, then there is nothing that should stop you from getting a library card. You can not only loan free books but also entertainment materials like CDs and DVDs, magazines. The libraries are also staying up to date with time by giving eBooks and updated Wi-Fi and computer services. To add on to this, there are many more advantages like getting free pass for museum visits for loyal visitors. There are some libraries that give a special service, to their loyal library card holders, where you can loan their librarians if you need help with your research. You can avail all this with a local library card.

All you must do is visit your local library and find a librarian or staff to help you out in acquiring your personal library card. Once you have received your card, it is time to explore its advantages. Find out the timings of the library and spend your free time in it, do not forget to take your library card along with you as that is your access to all the benefits. Learn, be entertained, explore and socialize in the space. Make the most of what your locality has to offer.

Now if you are wondering about how you’d have another reward card in your wallet, then don’t fret. The Reward Cards App helps you catalogue and organise all your reward cards in virtual space. Simply scan in your library card into the Reward Cards App and enjoy your experience at the library. No need to carry multiple reward cards around, all you need is this one app to declutter your wallet and phone.