Store Cards App

Get paid for shopping! Earn store reward points while you shop at your favourite store!

Whether it be groceries, cosmetics or apparel, we all shop. And that too quite regularly for these daily need items. But are we really shopping wisely? Every time we shop at our favorite store, we contribute to the growth of that franchise. Many a times, we visit the same store as that’s where we find the best product for us or we are just simply comfortable with the ambiance there. This obviously adds to its sales. When there is so much that we contribute to their profit with our loyalty, isn’t it only fair that we receive rewards in some form?

Almost every  store these days have some form of store cards to record your loyalty and turn them into rewards. These store cards offer you deals like free home delivery for online shopping, or birthday surprise treats, and even special deals  and discounts on your favorite products. Some stores even track your purchases and offer store reward points accordingly.

For example, if you are a new parent, you are going to buy diapers and other baby products quite frequently. So your store offers you coupons and discounts on Baby products. This is more useful to you rather than getting discounts in some other category that might not be relevant to you at that time. This not only ensures that they get better sales, but it also contributes to overall customer satisfaction because you save money  while you shop for your essentials. So it makes sense to register for a store reward card at your favorite store. We even have a list of top store cards for you.

Your store will offer all kinds of rewards that you deserve. If you are a frequent visitor at a store, then you must register yourself for a store card and avail all these benefits. These days these stores don’t even expect you to physically bring in their card if you have their store card app. But does your phone have enough space to be able to store all the store cards and their respective apps? And how to make sure you don’t miss anything exciting?

The Reward Cards App solves that clutter for you by being a one in all app for you to store all your store cards. No more multiple store card apps or store cards in your wallet. It is time to declutter. The Reward Cards App helps you center all your store cards and keep you updated with any new offers that would be useful to you. This way, you wouldn’t miss a single exciting deal. No more store cards making your wallet heavy and no more store card apps making your phone heavy.

Download the Reward Cards App in the App Store or Play Store to start the excited shopping experience.