Club Card

Club cards, also known as reward cards or loyalty cards, are cards issued by merchants to their loyal customers to help track their purchases and reward points. Although club card refers to all loyalty cards in general, they have become synonymous with Tesco – the British supermarket chain. Tesco’s loyalty card, also known as Tesco clubcard, has more than 17 million users in its home country UK alone!

Club cards are one of the most popular marketing strategies which helps in customer retention and encourage customers to use the services of the merchants associated with the reward cards. So it is quite imperative that business these days include them as a part of their marketing strategies to understand customer shopping patterns and cater to their needs better. Customer benefit by earning points for shopping while the merchants ensure that the customer feels rewarded for shopping with them. Since the reward points cannot be exchanged for cash, you ensure that the customer shops with you in order to redeem as well as earn more points. Apart from earning you some loyalty points, having a club card entails you to other benefits such as free facials or eyebrow waxing on birthdays, exclusive product launches, exclusive discounts during festive seasons and more! Some club cards can be used in multiple places for example Nectar can be used for shopping, for train rides, at restaurants and more! Imagine making some loyalty points every time you take a train ticket or eat a subway or sip on some coffee! So there are no excuses as a customer to skip on owning a club card.

We know that carrying club cards from your favourite restaurants and stores can become cumbersome and take up precious wallet space. Reward cards app can help you ease the load on your purse by managing all your loyalty cards in one place! You can scan all your club cards into your phone and use it at the check in counter and cash in on some rewards. Reward cards app is the smartest way to manage all your club cards on your phone.