Advantage Card

Advantage cards or loyalty cards are the simplest and easiest way to reward your customers for their loyalty while being rewarded with their business at the same time.They constitute a typical win-win situation where both the customer and the business are at an advantage. The customer gets paid to shop from the store in points and exclusive discounts while the business ensures their repeat patronage. That is why advantage cards have been so popular among many stores around the world. One of the most successful Advantage cards is the Boots advantage card that has been in use since the 1970s and the fact that their reward card programme is still running successfully is testimony to the success of their advantage card.

But all these reward cards clog up our wallets and purse and make it really bulky. Not to mention the stares we get when we hold up the line fumbling to find the right advantage card to use at the checkout line. Here is where Reward Cards app is of real help. Reward cards app lets you move all your Advantage cards from your wallet to your phone easily freeing up your wallet for more cash. We even store your payment receipts and you shopping list . So it is one of the best ways to organize your loyalty cards, your payment receipts and more! 

  1. Install Reward cards app on your phone for free. You can download it from playstore as well as appstore.
  2. Scan all your Advantage Cards into your Reward cards app.
  3. Show your phone at entry or checkout .

So begin ridding your wallet off the bulky plastic cards and messy payment receipts and store them all in your reliable Reward Cards App.Now never miss out on loyalty points just because you forgot to carry your Advantage Card along with you . Your phone is all you need for a smooth shopping trip all the way from making the list to exiting the checkout line.