Membership Card App

Man is a social animal and hence belonging to a club or a group comes naturally us. We all have our interest groups ranging from popular ones like book clubs and health clubs and not so crowded clubs like the pen collectors club. Major cities all over the world houses a lot of private clubs catering to the needs of its patrons. So, if you have a membership card for the exclusive Century club or the Blacks club, you tend to carry it with pride. But with our varied interests and club membership comes a huge number of membership cards. These cards bulk up your wallets and are quite cumbersome to carry around. Also, you never seem to be able to find the right membership card to show at the right place. Reward Cards App intends to solve this very problem by helping you store all you membership cards in a simple and easy way.Our App lets you organize all your cards in an effective and smart way and that too on your phone! Reward Cards app lets you store all your membership cards in one place on a device that you carry with you always. Now move all your membership cards from your wallet to your phone in three simple steps:

1) Install Reward cards app on your phone for free. You can download it from play store as well as Appstore.
2) Scan all your membership cards into your Reward cards app.
3) Show your phone at entry or checkout.

That’s it! . Reward cards app not only lets you store your membership loyalty cards but also lets you make shopping lists and helps you track your payment receipts. So, lighten the load on your wallet by installing our lightweight app. Download our app from the play store or the App Store now