Shell Drivers club closed! What next? Update on Shell’s Fuel loyalty program.

Shell fuel loyalty card
Shell fuel loyalty card

Shell has revamped its fuel loyalty program to add more rewards and discounts. But what about the loyalty points that you have already earned? Most importantly, how do we redeem them?Know this and more here!

The story of Shell is an interesting one. From being a small company in the UK that cater to the importing shells for interior design, it kamagra 100mg has grown to one of the world’s largest energy companies. It is now operational in more than 70 countries and has started being environment-friendly by investing in generating renewable energy.

In fact, it has to its credit the title of being the first to install a 150kW Ev charger in the UK. With all these changes being made by the company to stay in sync with the changing times, it is no surprise that they have revamped their fuel loyalty card scheme to match their changing brand.

What’s new?

Shell Drivers’ club is now replaced by their new loyalty scheme – Shell Go+. Therefore, it goes without saying that you can no longer use Shell’s existing club card to earn more points. But this does not mean that you loose all the points that you have amassed till now. The initial loyalty scheme provided one point per liter of fuel and 2 points for Shell V power. This could then be redeemed while filling up fuel or be converted into vouchers. For eg: 500 reward points in your card would get your a 2.5 voucher. Now, all those reward points that you have collected till June 30 can be converted into your choice of reward and sent to your account at the end of August. You need to register yourself in order to redeem these points.

You can also register for their new Shell Go+ scheme here. With Shell Go+ , they have completely discarded the point system and come up with an ‘earn-per-visit’ system. They have taken their fuel loyalty program to a new level with this update.

What do you ‘earn’?

Some of the key features of this new Shell Loyalty scheme is as follows:

1) You ‘earn’ per visit if you spend more than 10 pounds on fuel or 2 pounds or more in the shop. Because you earn with every visit

2)Shell Go+ earns you rewards with each use:

            a)10% off on all hot drinks

            b)10% off on all hot drinks at deli2Go

            c) 10% off at Jamie Oliver deli by Shell food range.

3)Every 10 visits, you could get discounts on fuel.

4) Shell V-Power earns you money off every 10 visits.

5)You get 10% off Shell Helix Motor Oil.

5)Also, you can even earn a discount on quick wash or Shell super shine car wash.

6) You could also get some surprise freebies!

So, getting into this new revamped Shell fuel Loyalty program is a no brainer. You can register here to get you Shell Go+ card. And like always, we recommend that you keep these plastic cards scanned into our Reward Cards app to keep them on you so that you never miss out on these amazing rewards.

The only caveat is that you need to be a Uk resident and must be over 17yrs of age. Also, these cards are not transferable.