Coffee loyalty schemes for all the coffee lovers in the UK

You can easily notice that the most loved coffee shops are located at the high streets. And all of them have loyalty schemes. Coffee is the best stress buster and mood changer. One cup of Coffee can completely change the way you are feeling. Especially you will love your coffee when you are on a Coffee Date. Start Collecting points to get free Coffee Cups. Let’s see which coffee shop your favorite from the list given below.

Café Nero

There are 665 Café Nero’s in UK. Every time when you buy a coffee here you will be given a stamp. When you have collected 9 stamps you can get your tenth drink for free. Get a stamp for bringing in our reusable cup. You can also be awarded if you buy from their Iced Drinks Range (Fruit Boosters, Frappe Crème, Iced Coffee). Get free points on promotions and different products occasionally. Get extra benefits if you have O2 card. Stamps which you have earn will never expire. Only a Fully Stamped loyalty card which earned you a free drink will expire after 18 months.

Coffee Republic

You can find only 23 Coffee Republics in UK. It’s very simple here, get 1 stamp for 1 coffee. Same as Café Nero. Earn your 9 stamps so that you can get your 10th stamp for free. They have paper card only. You need to pay for your extras when you have got a free coffee.


Starbucks have 355 shop in UK. Collect 15 stars to get a free drink. Usually you will get 1 star for every transaction. Even if you buy multiple drinks in one transaction. You will get only 1 star per transaction. You are required to preload your card with £5 for reaching Green Level. You can reach up to Gold level when you reach 50 transactions in a year. Gold level member scan get free syrups.


They have more than 2400 stores in UK and Ireland. Activate your plastic card in store. Get 5 pints for spending £1.

Mc Donald’s

Get a Mc Café Loyalty for buying regular or large hot drinks. There are 1300 Mc Donalds in Uk and Ireland.

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