UK Supermarkets Initiatives to control waste

As we all are witnessing the critical Climate Change. We are responsible for this Climate Change. There has been a significant change in temperatures, melting ice, polluted oceans, extinction of various species. UK is actively participating to eradicate Plastic use. Retailers are now facing challenges to increase the shelf life of fresh and frozen food. UK’s major supermarket have signed up to make all their packaging reusable, recyclable and compostable by 2022.

Let’s Have a look at the initiative taken by UK’s supermarkets


Morrison’s Have announced a national “buy bag less” initiative. They sell fruits and veggies in recyclable bags or loose. More than 60 stores have started this and for more than 100 varieties. Morrison claim that it will save 56 tonnes of plastic a year. They are going t=back to green grocery.


Iceland claimed to eliminate plastic in January 2018. This supermarket was the first among all other Supermarkets in London. They claim to remove plastic from its own brand goods. They will soon replace plastic with paper and pulp trays and paper bags by 2023.

Other Brands

Asda has removed plastic from over 180 product ranges. They completely stop all plastic items till the end of 2019. Lidl has stopped using black plastic from fruits and veggies packing. Black plastic is difficult to recycle. M&S has also started selling with plastic free packaging of fruits and veggies.


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