Waitrose Supermarket Starts Loose Selling to cut on Plastics and Packaging.

Shopping at waitrose
Shopping at waitrose

Waitrose Supermarket has started a new trial of bringing in your own containers while shopping.  Waitrose has signed UK Plastics Pact. Mostly all the Supermarkets in UK have acknowledged this environmental issue. Hence, with a motive to stop plastic waste from customers home Waitrose will now have refillable centers at their stores. This initiative will completely change the way of shopping in UK. As per the facts it is known that the top 10 Supermarkets n UK produce 8,10,000 tonnes of plastic and packaging waste.

This Initiative have come after Morrisons option of Buy Bagless. A customer can easily buy loose fruits and vegetables. According to Morrisons at least 56 tonnes of plastic waste will be stopped a year.

Waitrose supermarket customers will have an option of refilling Rice, Cereals and Pasta, lentils. Also, more than 160 types of different products will be sold loose. This will include fruits and vegetables as well. You can now refill your wines and beers in refillable bottles. Waitrose have removed the plastic from indoor plants with craft paper. You can also grind your own coffee to take in your own bags. A Waitrose customer will also get option to refill their detergents and liquid cleansers.

If this trial turns out to be successful, then all other supermarkets of UK will be following it. This will change the Shopping Culture of UK. There a hidden advantage for the customers of buying the exact quantity resulting into lesser waste.

This is a bold step of reducing Plastic waste by bringing in the Refill Culture. It will help to reduce the Plastic waste disposed in Ocean.

Waitrose Supermarket
Shop With your own containers at Waitrose Supermarket


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