UK’s best Beauty Club Cards- get them now

Find out which club cards give you the best offers and reward point. may even score a free birthday gift or a free facial every time you shop!

Beauty and health are two things that no one wants to compromise on. We don’t look for knockoffs or entertain substandard products on anything that touches our body. So most of us do end up spending a substantial amount on keeping ourselves healthy and beautiful. Hence in the UK alone, the market for beauty and health is estimated to touch a whopping 15 billion euros in 2018! It is also one of the most competitive markets with lucrative products being released by top brand every season which again fuels our reason to shop!

But what if we reap tiny little benefits for the thousands we spend at health stores? How about getting your skin all prepped on your birthday by your favorite beauty store and that too for free? Get treats like these and more for being loyal to your brand by using their club cards! We have curated topmost beauty and health club cards for the UK netizens to pamper themselves with. But before you roll your eyes worrying about how you are going to fit it into your already bulky wallet, we are here with the solution- get our free Reward Cards app, scan these cards in and then never worry about losing your club card or missing out on reward points!

So here we go, simple savings for guilt-free shopping.  Want some shopping tips? Check this article out for some more budget-friendly shopping ideas.

Get the best beauty product offers

Debenhams Beauty Club Card

For all beauty shoppers who binge shops branded makeup, I am telling you, get their club card! Although Debenhams dresses are what you think of first when someone mentions Debenhams, its makeup boasts of brands like CHANEL, DIOR, Clinique, Armani…you name it, they have it. Also, Debenhams offers one of the best reward programs there is and they are quite simple and straightforward with their schemes.

For starters, if you are a new member, you can collect joining bonuses at the counter. You earn a generous 3 points for spending £1 on beauty, fragrance, beauty services & Beauty electricals. For every 500 points, you get £5. That all you need to know about their reward points.

Your points will convert into rewards every month which you can use to pamper yourself with these rewards online or in store.  Moreover, you can get free samples on a first come – first serve basis at their store every month. They send updates via email which contains their latest products and offers. Beauty addicts usually wait for the Debenhams Discount code and Debenhams promos to get additional benefits. And they pamper you on your birthday! You get a facial by Elizabeth Arden and a free brow wax by Benefit. You just need to carry some proof of date of birth and visit the store within 2 weeks of your birthday. Last but not least, your monthly statement has your code for free shipping of your next purchase! Told you, of all the club cards, you definitely need this one.

Superdrug Beauty Card:

Superdrug club card is again one of the must-have loyalty cards from this list. Being a Superdrug member gets you lower prices on your favorite products in both health and beauty department. They have treats on Thursdays for all their members which they send over email. 

Get the option to pay with a mix of cash and loyalty points when you are going to shop for big items. Using points on total bill amount shave off a few pounds on your shopping bill. They also have surprise birthday treats for their members which they reveal only when it is their birthday month( so exciting!!). Superdrug holds special events or mark selected products and give out extra reward points when you shop with them during the offer period. And those lazy days when you just want to stay home and shop online, Superdrug gives their members free home delivery for products over £10. 

Oh yes, filling out surveys held by Superdrug gets you extra reward points!

House of Fraser

House of Frasers’s loyalty scheme uses this concept of Recognition Reward cards. You get 1 point per £1 spent on your shopping and just like Debenhams club card, 500 points is equal to £5. You will need 500 points to get it converted into a voucher. This card also gives you 10 % off on events and various offers like 2 for 1 or passes at £1. You get a  £10 welcome voucher in your first quarterly statement. And yes, you get treated on your birthday with bonus loyalty points.

UK’s best health retailer

Holland & Barrett

Get “Rewards for life card” by Holland & Barrett and get £3  worth of points when you sign up. Earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. Once you reach 50 points you points will get regularly get converted into vouchers. Be the first to know about the exclusive promotions to grab the best of all. Get the most beneficial member-only partnership deals. The club card can get you into exclusive events and product launches too. So scan this one into your Reward Cards app.

Body Shop Gift Set

The Body Shop club card

Britain’s own homemade brand of cruelty-free and natural products is an absolute must for you beauty buffs. Who doesn’t swear by their hand creams and body lotions? To be honest,  I didn’t even know my hand needed a separate cream until they told me so.  Once I started using it, there was no looking back. I went through tubs and tubes like they were creamy yogurt for my body. So I definitely signed up for their beauty card in a jiffy. The £5 “Love your body card” is now free at the body shop. Get 10 points on every £1 and get £5 voucher when you reach £50. But no free birthday treats here, but you do get it for a nominal amount of  £5. Members get invited to special events with access to a preview of their latest collections. 

All the club cards above get you complete value for your buck. So don’t let a stolen or misplaced loyalty card keep you from reaping their benefits. Scan your club card or club cards into Reward Cards app and you will never miss your loyalty points again! If you like this article, you might want to check this one – our best reward cards for the fashion buff!.

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