Store your Shopping List in Reward Cards App now!

Feature Update:

Reward cards app has had a fresh new update and we have features that will make your shopping experience go even smoother. We have rid your wallet off the pesky little plastic cards and now we will help you get your shopping lists in order! Your Reward cards app can now track your shopping list along with your loyalty cards!  We have listed some of the features below:

Create Unlimited shopping List:

Reward cards make it very convenient for you to keep all your shopping lists in one place. You can separate your shopping lists into monthly groceries, back to school shopping, black Friday sale shopping list, gardening items, etc. So Simple, right? You can make the unlimited number of lists so that you don’t miss buying something that you really needed to make that yummy one-pot recipe of yours. One good tip that we have for you is to segregate the list into the store names. This way when you walk into staples, you know you will get all your stationery needs without fail.

Create unlimited shopping item in a single list.

You know those times when you reach the end of the slip that holds your shopping list, and you start scribbling illegible in the end because you have run out of space to write more? Really irritates me, so it is no surprise we added a feature to resolve this. But with our Reward Cards App, you won’t run out of space! You can add an unlimited number of items to your shopping list and create unlimited shopping lists!

You can even track the things you have purchased off your list! How cool is that!

We hope you are as excited about the new shopping list feature as we are! You can get this and more at a onetime fee of $0.99. You pay once and get these features and more for this tiny little price. We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card.

If you want to know more about our Reward Cards app, you can read how they can replace all your loyalty cards from your wallet here and other FAQs here.