Reward Cards app stores more than just loyalty cards!

New Update alert!  Yes, have listened to our users and added our most requested feature into the latest update for Reward Cards App.

Now manage your store cards, club cards, loyalty cards, your shopping list and your purchase receipts, all in your phone! Now don’t stuff your purses with those receipts which you never seem to find when you really need them. Keep track of all your spending in one in place so that you never miss out of those refunds and your budget.

store receipts in reward cards app
store receipts in reward cards app

You can store an unlimited number of payment receipts in your Reward Cards App. You can store information like the price of the products, the modvigil date and more…. imagine never losing your payment receipts ever again.


manual purchase receipt - reward cards app
add manual purchase receipt

Also, did you check our previous post with our new shopping list feature in the Reward Cards App? Your shopping experience is now so hassled free – Create a list of the things you need to get from the store in your Reward Cards App,   scan all your loyalty cards into our app and use at checkout to redeem some reward points and then store all your purchase receipts in our app too! Can your shopping experience get any better?

You can get this and more at a onetime fee of $0.99. You pay once and get these features and more for this onetime fee. We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card,

You can check out more features here, along with the must-have loyalty cards in your app, so that you don’t miss out on the lovely deals and discounts that they provide.


If you have any more feature request, you can drop them off here and we will really appreciate it.