Your loyalty cards can make your birthday more special

No matter what your age is, birthdays always make you feel very special. A gift or a birthday wish from someone you care about is all you need to make your day. So you check your WhatsApp and Facebook to see who all left a message wishing you and you bask in the love that your friends and family are sending your way. Now, how about we increase the circle of love to include some of your favorite stores to the list? Yes, the stores and restaurants that you frequent the most would be thrilled to reciprocate the love that you have shown then by spending your hard-earned money there. So, here is a list of places where you will be treated like a prince/princess for the day.


Krispy Kreme

Must have something sweet on your birthday, right? So, dig into some doughnuts at one of the best doughnut shops ever! Krispy Kreme has a loyalty program known as Friends of Krispy Kreme and they do treat you like a friend! You get a free doughnut on signing up for their rewards program, they even had this limited period offer where you got a dozen doughnuts on signup. You might want to look out for such offers. On your birthday they treat you to a free doughnut a small cup of coffee or free fountain drink.

You can sign up for their loyalty program here(



Godiva chocolates:

A doughnut not enough for your sweet tooth? Let’s dig into some chocolates then. Sign up for Godiva’s reward program and get exclusive gifts on your birthday. You get some amazing benefits like free shipping on all orders and a free chocolate every month. Now that we have satisfied our sweet tooth, let’s move on to something more filling.


Shepherd Neame:

Britain’s oldest Brewery would like to treat you to a free meal on your birthday, every year! All you need to sign in to their birthday club and you get exciting offers such as a free birthday meal, exclusive discounts and more!



If you love your coffee, Starbucks must be your heaven.  I swear every time I walk by  Starbucks, the smell off coffee pulls me in and before I know it, I am walking out with a cup of delicious looking( and smelling ) coffee. It doesn’t help that there seems to be a new Starbucks opening almost every week around every corner. Anyways, I digress. On your birthday, Starbucks will give you a tall cup of your favorite drink as a mark of appreciation. All you need is to have registered for their loyalty scheme at least 7 days before your birthday and have at least one star earning transaction. They will drop you a mail two days before your birthday, welcoming you to pick up your favorite drink at their nearest branch. You can pick almost anything from their menu including a food item or a bottled beverage. So it seems there is such a thing like a free meal, huh?


TGI Fridays:

How about you round off the day with a relaxing drink? Invite your buddies and your first round of drinks is on the house! You earn stripes with them when you dine there, and you move up levels. Each level unlocks some new perks for you including some popular dishes. You earn 25 stripes on downloading their app. 50 stripes get your first free appetizer.


So here you go, we at rewards cards App have chalked out a fun scavenger hunt for your birthday. Scan the loyalty cards for their amazing places into your Reward Cards App and save yourself from the carrying these plastic cards in your wallets!