Uk’s Loyalty Cards Market.

Uk’s Loyalty Cards Market.

Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes
Loyalty cards under loyalty Schemes

Loyalty Cards market in the UK is the most symbolic in the world. You will notice that major chains in the Uk are running some reward scheme. If we are talking about the flourished market of loyalty in the UK we need to know its origin. Gary Wilson started the first loyalty cards scheme in 1981 known as passcard.  Passcard was later famous as Passkey. We can say Sainsbury’s are the first major chain who endorsed a loyalty card system known as Homebase Spend and save Card.

In a larger scenario major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s loyalty cards are very familiar with supermarket shopping. Use your Nectar points for money off supermarket shopping. Tesco Clubcard is not much appreciated as it does not have value for money.

Boots UK Launched its loyalty card in 1997. Boots have a largest smart card retail loyalty card scheme in the world and also the third largest loyalty scheme in the UK. With 16.4 million users using the card online in store and with third-party retailers Boots is holding a lion’s share in the loyalty market of UK.

In 1997, Ladbrokes launched Odds ON! Loyalty programme known as the first ever betting loyalty scheme in Europe. You can earn points on each bet and later redeem it for more jokers and bets. You can exchange your points to get bonuses gifts and prizes.

Another Giant Best Buy in the UK was launched in 2010 with its Customer engagement programme names as My Best Buy. This programme was described as “a tiered, digital loyalty and customer engagement program that is designed to build a lifelong relationship with the customer by providing a personalized experience through which they can manage their digital technology needs”. My BestBuy was closed on February 29.

As we are facing the crucial climate change, The Ice Organisation launched in 2010 rewards its customers for shopping in a sustainable way. Their Mission is to promote goods and services which eases the effects of climate change.

British Airways has the most famous flight related loyalty programme in the UK. British Airways have the privilege of winning the trust of over 2.2 million members. They awarded Airmiles to the users for flying with them every time.  hence British Airways faced customer disappointment when Air Miles was converted to Avios. as members needed to pay additional taxes while redemptions. A few years later the soft scheme now allowed more redemption options such as for car hire.

Few Bigger names have a credit card like Marks and Spencers and the John Lewis. The consumer gets the benefits of credit vouchers and loyalty cards. HMV’s reward card system allows the user to claim their rewards and also discounts in store.

The rise in digitalization UK is now emerging with many Loyalty card apps. Reward Cards App is one such app where you can place all your loyalty card, club card, store card, advantage card, reward cards at one single place. Loosen your wallet with all your supermarket cards and download one in all app. No need to use multiple loyalty apps for a retail brand.

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