Things to do on New Year’s Eve in UK.

As we begin the countdown to say goodbye to 2018, we start our planning on celebrating the last night of the year.

New Years Eve UK

When it comes to celebration and especially the New Years Eve we do not want to miss out on any enjoyment. Calling our Friends and finalizing the plans are the most important to-dos. Let’s just have a look at the best places and things to do when you are in the UK on a New Year’s Eve. Plan your Evening very well in advance as it is too crowded in Central London. The best part is that you can travel free on the New Year’s Eve in buses, DLR, Trams and London Overground.


London New Year Eves Fireworks.

One of the most outstanding pyrotechnics in the world is the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks. Make sure you get the tickets in advance. Just in case you miss getting the tickets do not worry as there are many other options to view it.  You can get on a cruise on River Thames and watch the marvelous fireworks. You can select from dinner cruises, speedboats, boats.

Apart from these places, you can watch the fireworks from these premium places such as the London Sky Bar, The Rooftop St James, London Marriot Hotel County Hall.


Witness the Edinburg Hogmanay celebrations

You can enjoy this three-day event at Edinburg to welcome the New Year. Enjoy the spectacular fireworks display the Edinburg castle accompanied by the live music and DJs, big screens and bars in the garden. Celebrations begin with a Torchlight procession on Dec30 till the “Loony Dook” on New Years Day where thousands of people jump into the chilly waters of River Forth.


New Year’s Day Parade

Enjoy your New Years first Day at the Parade by experiencing the Street performances, become an audience of marching bands, acrobats, cheerleaders and more. More than 10000 performers on the street of London representing the boroughs and various countries attract approx. 600000 spectators and live television broadcasts in the UK.


New Year’s Day Swim.

Welcome the New Year with a swim at Saundersfoot. Drive away from Cardiff in Wales in your fancy Dress to join more than 1000 people ready to swim in those freezing waters. Just in case you change your mind of swimming in those icy waters join the crowd and witness the fireworks.


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