Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – 2

Christmas is getting closer!  Twinkling lights, decorated trees and cheer all around is enough to get you into an early Christmas mood.

Along with Christmas comes the hustle bustle of shopping for your loved ones. We don’t mind navigating the hungry and focused crowds in shopping malls to get that perfect gift for your loved ones – of course, once we figure out what to gift them that is! So here we are to help you figure some more useful Christmas gifts that the man in your life will enjoy. In case you have missed our previous gift ideas, you must check it out.


Christmas Gift Ideas


Subscription Boxes:

There was a time when Subscription boxes had become synonymous with beauty boxes. You would get some beauty products for you to try at quite a reasonable price every month. But did you know that there are subscription boxes for men? You can get a subscription box for everything from socks to razors. There are subscription boxes that send you spicy sauces or the ingredients to cook up a meal every week. These are ideal for students and men who want to begin cooking their own meals with the least possible fuss. You can get healthy smoothies and protein powder for the health conscious one in the family. We have given you some ideas here, but you need to figure out which one would be the best for your man.


Tickets to sporting events:

Now, this is something that will definitely go down as one of the best Christmas gifts ever! You are not just giving them tickets to their favorite game, you are gifting an experience. He gets to enjoy the crowd, the noise, the hotdogs and beer, and more importantly the players. While you are at it, why not getting a ticket for yourself and gift your presence. After all, he will need someone to cheer or boo with during the game.



As far as I am concerned, books are the best gift ever. If it is fiction, you get to enjoy a complete movie in your head through the writer’s words. If it is non- fiction, then obviously you are digging up some true stories and lessons from someone wiser than you. See? I told you, books are the best! Like always, you do need to be mindful of the likes of the person you are gifting it to. In Fact, he need not even be much of a bookworm. If you know of a skill or topic that he has interest in, why not gift him a book that helps with that?



Every house needs its tools. Get a toolkit, a power saw, cordless drill and a set of other essentials. I will give you a tip here – buy tools with an inbuilt flashlight! That way, you do not have to miss your favorite show or something equally important to go help you man by holding the flashlight. Trust me, it is quite a boring task to just stand with a flashlight in hand while you are being told that it is not pointing to the right angle. So, get everything that has a flashlight in it.


Clothes and accessories:

Bags, wallets, belts, ties, sunglasses, watches, laptop bag, money clips. Jackets – these are obviously some of the safest (and expected) choices. So, I won’t even get into many details here. But to personalize the gifts, you may want to engrave some sort of message on your watch or the bag. Adds a bit of jazz to the common gifts.


With this list in hand, go shopping without anxiety and carry your phone along and don’t forget to scan your reward card at the checkout counter. You do not want to miss on some juicy loyalty points while you shop your heart out, do you?

Have a look at our previous blog to get more Christmas Gift Ideas. Download Reward Cards App and start saving a single buck to get something big in future. Redeem your points when you shop for something bigger for yourself.




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