Best Christmas Gift ideas for Men in 2018

The Christmas season is upon us and who doesn’t love this time of the year! The entire city dressed in glittery lights, a smell of freshly baked goodies at every turn, people wearing broad smiles.


What is not to love? The only thing that you might be a source of some stress even in this festive environment is holiday shopping Please Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy shopping and all the hustle bustle that comes with it, but the stress I Am talking about is the enormous pressure of coming up with Christmas gift ideas. Somehow it seems easier to shop for women than it is for men- A scarf here, Christmas smelling body lotions, delicate jewelry- the ideas seem to be infinite. In Fact, even retail stores come out with gift boxes with these items making it easier for us. On the other hand, listing out Christmas gift ideas for men is a task in itself! So, after multiple observations and deep conversations, we at Reward cards app have come with a failsafe list of gift ideas for men! Most of these can obviously be given to the women in your lives stan max too, so here we go.


Christmas Gift ideas for men


Headphones and Bluetooth speakers:(Shower speakers)

If the man in your life is a music aficionado, then you can never go wrong with getting him a Bluetooth speaker or headphone. If you are looking for something below 50 pounds you can go for Sony or Anker speakers. They get the job done and are lighter on the pocket. If your budget is higher than that, we totally recommend Beats or Bose speakers. The sound quality is amazing, and you will never believe something this little can sing this loud! Also, you could get them waterproof speakers that they can use while taking showers. These speakers have microphones too to take an urgent call when needed.


 Gym gear:

Want to encourage your better half to exercise more? Or is he already into fitness? Then get him something that he can use at the gym. A Fitbit is something that comes to mind instantly. But everything from new gym shoes (Nike are the best) to kettlebells or weights are a good idea. May buys a gym bag and curates everything that he will need at the gym. A towel, some mini shower and shampoo kit, some change of clothes! You get the gist, right?


External hard drives:

I have too much space says no one ever! With our cameras and phones capturing such realistic pictures, we are constantly trying to clear our memory cards and phones so that we can capture more! So, a hard disk is a useful gift for anyone to store all your memories in. Take backups of your phone, your laptops and keep your data safe.


Firesticks/ Google Chromecast:

For all the men who love to chill with Netflix or scroll around movies and documentaries will love this gift for sure. You get an option of selecting from the multinational content. Best option to kill the time an enjoy the Holiday Season with friends and Family. You can also cast your mobile phones and play games on a TV screen with help of Chromecast.


Apple products:

Apple products are known as the most luxurious Christmas Gifts. Gift your loved one an Apple product and this Christmas Gift will be cherished forever. Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K, iPhone and various accessories are the hot selling products as gifts.


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