4 Loyalty Cards That Will Save Your Student Life

London; what a beautiful city. A city filled with history all around you, from architecture to art galleries. London has been home to many and is known for its multicultural environment. A lot of that comes from the various universities it is a host to. All these different universities bring in people from around the world seeking a degree from the best colleges in their field. Universities like London School of Economics, Central Saint Martins, Middlesex University, Brunel University, University of Westminster and a lot more home many International students. But what is it like to be a student in London?

University life is one of the most key and fun part of everyone’s life. It is something that no one ever forgets and always wishes to go back to. But it can be just as hard. As astonishing as London is, it is also very expensive for a student to live in. The tuition fee is already a debt on our shoulder and top that with rent and other bills that come with our new-found independent days. It can get hard to have fun when you must crunch on the money. But, the city store owners have got you covered.

Loyalty Cards are a big part of the shopping culture and in this article, we are going to list 4 reward cards that will save your student life.

1. Cass Art Reward Card

Student life as an artist is just a level higher when it comes to expenditure. If you are an art student, then you not only are struggling to pay for all the bills and keep with a fun social life, but you are also trying to save up for all those fancy art supplies you need to make your art work. Although there are cheap alternatives to every art supply we need, it is still not cheap enough and never just as satisfying. But if you become a reward card holder with Cass Art then you need not worry.

Cass Art is one of the best art supply stores in the city, with a range of art supplies that will make a stationary fanatic feel like they are in heaven. As exhilarating as it is, it can be equally expensive to enjoy the treats of it. Though you are lucky enough to get something that many before you couldn’t. With the new Cass Art Reward Card, you have the opportunity to win back something extra for all that you spend in there.

For every £100 you spend win a reward of £10. You will receive offers that are hand-crafted for you. You also gain entries to exclusive events on behalf of Cass Art. And the best one, you get 10% off your first shop after registering your card. If these are not reasoning enough to be a loyalty card holder of Cass Art, then what is?

2. Topshop Loyalty Card

Fashion is constantly growing and transforming and being the youth, we love to show off our style. Regardless of whether our style is casual or fancy or formal, Topshop has it all. Topshop has won the hearts of many with its wide and exciting range of products in attire, but they are here with their loyalty card to make your shopping days better.

Under the Topshop reward card scheme, you can shop and not feel guilty for spending too much, because the more you spend the more points you gain. These points will in future help you in your big spending and bring in many treats. If it is your birthday, be ready for surprises. If it is the first week of Topshop Summer and Christmas Sales, receive an extra 10% off on in-store shopping. Get free standard UK delivery twice a year if you are a Topshop loyalty card holder. This and a lot more awaits you.

Now, if you are a student or not, these deals are something that is to not be missed. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, quickly register yourself.

3. Nando’s Loyalty Card

Who is not a foodie these days? Food has always been such a big part of our social culture all along. Meeting up friends for lunch and dinner is something that has always been part of our sweet memories. One of the upcoming food chains in London amongst the youth is Nando’s. And guess what? Nando’s has a loyalty card too. That’s right, now you can make the most of your every Nando’s trip. For every £7 or more you spend on your meal you earn a Chilli, a.k.a. point in the mundane world. And if you register your loyalty card online or app, you’ll win a bonus Chilli.

With time, as you go on earning your Chillies you win the chance for various rewards like the green reward (3 Chillies) can buy you ¼ chicken or a fire-starter, the orange reward (5 Chillies) can buy you ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pita and the red reward (10 Chillies) can buy a whole chicken with it or a single combo with regular sides. The upside is, if you claim the green or orange reward, you do not reset to 0, you keep going. Once you have claimed your red reward, you reset and start the Chilli Wheel again, yes, that is what it is called. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting those Chillies. And here is a pro-tip, if you bill separately, you have the chance to earn more Chillies as a group as you can only earn one Chilli per bill.

4. Waterstones Student Plus Card

Now if you have a guilty pleasure like me where you can’t help but buy those amazing books, if you are in love with the smell of new and old books in your room and absolutely love to read with a coffee, then this is the reward card for you. Waterstones has a regular reward card called the Waterstones Plus and Waterstones Student Plus, especially for students. The Waterstones Student Plus gives you an extra 5% off all purchases. Now that is a student deal to jump on!

For every £10 you spend at Waterstones, in-store or online, you will earn a Plus Stamp. And for every 10 Plus Stamps you collect, you add £10 to your Plus balance. That is, you get £10 off for every £100 you spend. But what is more exciting is all the added features to their reward scheme. You will be on the priority list of Waterstones for all those signed and limited-edition books, access to prize draws, discounted tickets to events and the chance to buy advance copies of new releases. Isn’t that exciting? So, what are you still waiting for?

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go on and register yourself with all these mentioned reward cards to make your student life a little extra fun and care-free, just like how it is meant to be. To make it easier, download the Reward Cards App to keep all your loyalty cards in one virtual space and organized. This way, you do not miss out on any new updates or deals. You can learn about more reward cards and about the Reward Cards App to make your shopping life easier on our previous blogs.

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